Married, Single, Other star sad at show’s demise

Married, Single, Other star Miranda Raison has said she is still sad that the ITV1 show was axed after just one series.

The former Spooks star appeared in the show in 2010 with co-stars Lucy Davis, Ralf Little and Shaun Dooley, but it was given the chop due to disappointing ratings.

“It was gutting, it really was,” she said. “It really felt like it had somewhere to go and the storylines for series two were just brilliant.

“Lucy said that even in Los Angeles, where she lives, people come up to her with more feeling about that than they have for The Office. The reactions were so strong.”

However Miranda revealed that one of the shelved storylines for series two lives on in her new BBC drama Sugartown, about a seaside community battling against development.

The three-part series, which begins on BBC1 on July 24, sees the actress playing Emily, a hairdresser who becomes engaged to the boss of the local rock factory – played by Shaun Dooley.

“One of the storylines was that I was going to get with Eddie, who was Shaun Dooley’s character, and then we got together on Sugartown so that was obviously meant to be,” she said.

Miranda also admitted that the role of Emily was very different to anything she had ever done before.

“I often get cast as… well I AM a middle-class, public schoolgirl, and Emily was very different,” she said.

“When I first got the script, I genuinely thought they must have been thinking of someone else.”