Martin Clunes has revealed he’d be up for a Men Behaving Badly reunion.

However, the Doc Martin star has doubts about how they could reprise their roles as flatmates Gary (Martin) and Tony (Neil Morrissey), and Gary’s girlfriend Dorothy (Caroline Quentin).

“There was talk of it a few years ago, but Caroline wasn’t keen and it’d be nonsense to do it without everyone – I thought it would have been fun the last time,” he said.

The actor added: “I think it might be a bit seedy, bit worrying when you get too old to play it like that. I don’t know, maybe one day [we’ll reunite on screen].”

Martin still stays in contact with former castmates Neil and Caroline.

“Yes, we still keep in touch. In fact, I just texted Neil – he hasn’t texted back!

“I see a lot of Caroline because she lives near us and our daughters are pretty much the same, age so they’re great friends,” he added.

*The fourth series of Doc Martin is available on DVD now.