Martin Sheen joins cast for BBC drama ‘The Whale’

Award winning American actor Martin Sheen will lead the cast of a British adventure drama. The West Wing actor will feature in The Whale, a one-off drama based on the true events of an astonishing survival at sea. 

Martin plays Old Thomas Nickerson, retelling his time as a cabin boy on a doomed voyage aboard an Essex whaling ship. Also starring in the epic yarn are Robin Hood actor Jonas Armstrong, Paul Kaye, and Adam Raynor. 

When Nickerson is caught in the eye of a terrifying storm, he’s forced to quickly act in order to assure his survival in the face of nature’s wrath, the powerful presence of whales, and a stark shipwrecking. 

Filmed on location in Malta the drama promises to be breath taking as it depicts nautical forces beyond the control of experienced sea farers. 

Watch a video interview with Martin Sheen here…

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