MasterChef’s Gregg reveals end of third marriage

TV cookery expert Gregg Wallace says his third marriage crumbled when his wife told him that she’d had enough.

The MasterChef presenter, 47, married a former biology teacher 17 years his junior, who he met after she asked him a question about celery on Twitter.

He told the Radio Times: “She is tall, beautiful and young. And very bright. I thought we had a long future together. I got that badly wrong!”

Asked how the marriage ended, just 14 months after they wed in January last year, he said: “We had a row. And she suddenly said ‘I don’t want to do this any more’.

“I said ‘No?’ and she said ‘Yes!'”

He added: “The day after it went public, she tweeted that I was a wonderful man… I love Twitter.”

Later this month, viewers of BBC One TV series Who Do You Think You Are? will see the cookery show host shed tears when he finds out that his ancestors were struck by tragedy.

“Yes, I cried in the show,” he told the magazine.

Gregg discovers that his great-great-grandmother was admitted into a Victorian lunatic asylum. He said: “I felt a sense of shame about Selina. I had hoped that she would have been… a person of note, a person to contend with. Instead, she had a defect.”

Gregg added: “You just don’t expect tragedy round the corner. And it is a dreadful thing to say, but I am ashamed of mental illness. I felt it might reflect on me, somehow.”