Masterchef’s John dines out on the recession

MasterChef judge John Torode insists the recession won’t stop people eating out.

Aussie chef John, who owns his own restaurant in London, claims people actually go to eat in restaurants more than they used to.

He said: “People will always eat out… Life has changed in this country, when I first arrived here in 1990 people in restaurants in England ate out as a sense of occasion.

“People now eat out as a way of life. People don’t cook at home as much as they used to do, people are used to it. And that is the way it’s always going to be, and people will actually get rid of other luxury items before they stop going out and eating in a restaurant.

“You talk about this recession thing, the restaurants that are closing are probably the restaurants that have never been any good, the restaurants that are good have got growth.

“And there are chains out there, I eat out quite a lot, I eat out with my family and every time I go to what I will call decent chain restaurant they are absolutely choc-a-block, you can’t move.”

*Masterchef begins on BBC One on Wednesday night at 8pm*

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