Mathew Horne reckons the final episode of sitcom Gavin And Stacey is a real ‘fairytale’.

The popular series returns to BBC One this week, and follows loved-up Gavin on his move from Essex to Wales to be with his young wife Stacey.

Mathew told the Sun: “I don’t think there are any big surprises – it ties up nicely and ends as a bit of a fairytale.”

He said most of the humour comes from the Billericay boy getting used to his ‘new Welsh colleagues and their strange ways’.

On the final day of filming Mathew admitted his co-stars James Corden and Ruth Jones were struggling to say goodbye to their project.

“James and Ruth got emotional on the last day of filming, but I didn’t feel like that at all,” he said. “I didn’t write it so I’m one step removed from it.”

Gavin And Stacey made household names of Mathew and James and even saw them land their own sketch show which, despite attracting top ratings on BBC Three, was badly received by critics.

The experience has taught Mathew to consider his next move more carefully.

He said: “I am very fortunate to be in the position of having a few roles in the pipeline, but I haven’t made any firm decisions yet.

“I’m going to be very picky about what I do next. It feels important to be discerning.”