The new US version of comedy hit Little Britain is set to feature a fame-hungry wannabe based on a young Britney Spears, it has been revealed.

Matt Lucas will don a dress as child star Ellie Grace, while David Walliams plays her pushy mum, according to reports in The Sun.

David will also camp it up as Madonna’s gay PA in Little Britain USA, which is being filmed for America’s HBO channel but will also be shown in the UK on the BBC in 2009.

Other new characters include an obsessive compulsive recluse based on Howard Hughes and an all-American couple with a shocking secret life.

But, rest assured, some familiar favourites will also be returning.

Prime Minister’s aide Sebastian is back – but this time he’s got his eye on the US president. It is not yet known if actor Anthony Head, who played the PM in the British versions, will play the object of his affection.

Marjorie Dawes ‘helps’ overweight Americans, Vicky Pollard is sent to Brat Camp and Daffyd Thomas is now the only gay on the university campus.

And Lou takes wheelchair faker Andy to see a preacher in the hope that he can be cured.

A source said: “While it’s been made for an American audience the boys have slipped in loads of gags that only their loyal English fans will get.”

Meanwhile, ousted Apprentice candidate Kevin Shaw has admitted that he would be happy to dress up as ‘the only gay in the village’ Daffyd for charity, after being likened to the flamboyant character.

He said: “I have no problem with the comparison and if someone wanted me to dress up as Matt for a charity event, I’d do it. As long as it was for a laugh I’d be game.”