Matt Di Angelo: ‘I’m too honest to be a con man!’

Matt Di Angelo’s character Sean poses as a footballer in this week’s Hustle. Here the actor reveals how Sean’s really becoming part of the gang…

Your character, Sean, takes centre stage in this con, posing as a superstar striker Brandon Harris…

“Sean has taken a bit more of a step into the gang and there’s more of a Sean/Ash relationship now, with Ash very much acting as Sean’s mentor. Sean is taking the job more seriously these days and isn’t messing up as much.”

What do you enjoy most about being in Hustle?

“It’s nice to be doing some continuing work, which isn’t a soap. It’s pretty good and I know a lot of people would kill to be in my position. I’d like to do more theatre, because I haven’t done much. Mainly because I’m quite scared of it.”

Do people still recognise you as Deano in EastEnders?

“I can finally say this: Deano is very much dead! It’s been three years since I’ve been on EastEnders now, so I don’t get Deano anymore. But I bet now I’ve said that, someone will shout it out!”

Since you’ve been in Hustle, are you more aware of people trying to con you?

“I’ve always been quite paranoid but I know if someone’s trying to pull a fast one. I’ve had watches taken off my wrist without me realising before. But I haven’t been done too badly, no.”

Could you be a con artist in real life?

“I’m far too honest to be a con man. But if I wasn’t that honest, I’d probably try and sell something like the Eiffel Tower or The Ritz for loads of money!”

Hustle is on Fridays at 9pm on BBC1