Matthew Wolfenden on David’s Maya CRISIS in Emmerdale

There's drama heading for Emmerdale as Maya Stepney heads to court, but will she get her comeuppance for grooming teenager Jacob?

It’s the moment Emmerdale fans have been waiting for. Paedophile teacher Maya Stepney’s day in court is finally here – and not a moment too soon.

For months, we’ve watched Maya get her claws into young Jacob Gallagher by manipulating and controlling him… but her grip on him is loosening as the law catches up with her.

As Maya prepares to face to music, David continues to struggle with the fallout of recent events, traumatised by what his son has been through.

David has been blaming himself for what has happened to Jacob (Picture: ITV)

“He blames himself for bringing this woman into Jacob’s life,” says Matthew Wolfenden, who plays him.

“He’s really struggling. This is the start of the hard times; the beginning of the next chapter. Jacob thinks David has ruined his life, and David doesn’t know if he’s ever going to come round to the fact that he hasn’t. There’s no quick fix.”

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Needing support, David talks things through with a therapist, and Jacob’s thrown when Pollard puts him in the picture.

Is it finally starting to hit home how his “relationship” with Maya has affected his family?

Maya's facade cracks in Emmerdale

Maya and Jacob meet in secret next week (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, the distressed dad is determined to repair his fractured relationship with his son, but despite his best efforts, Jacob continues to shut him out.

The teenager is still under Maya’s spell, as becomes clear when he later sees a live stream on Noah’s phone of the teacher being confronted by some schoolgirls.

Desperate to protect the woman he “loves”, Jacob runs off to confront Maya’s attackers. When he arrives at the scene, Maya tells him to leave. But instead of going, Jacob follows her to the car, and obeys Maya’s instruction to get in.

Maya trial verdict is finally given as she awaits in the dock in Emmerdale

Maya takes to the stand, but will she be found guilty? (Picture: ITV)

As the pair talk, Maya’s tough facade cracks and she breaks down, knowing her impending court appearance isn’t going to be easy. Jacob comforts her, and before long, they’re back in each other’s arms, kissing

Will anyone see the pair? And, as D-day arrives for Maya, will she finally get her comeuppance from the judge?

Or will it be down to Jacob’s loved ones to dish out some justice of their own?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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