Mel B is reportedly planning to lift the lid on her relationship with Eddie Murphy in a TV show.

It seems the former Spice Girl is about to sign on the dotted line with a major TV company to spill the beans on what she thinks about the Beverly Hills Cop star – who wants her to prove he is the father of her baby, Angel.

According to Star magazine, Mel is intent on revenge – and as well as demanding £3,000 a month in child maintenance, she will also demand a one-off fee to buy a new home in Los Angeles.

A source said: “Mel is done with him trying to make her look like a fool. Denying that he is the dad, is just absurd. Unless it was immaculate conception, the DNA test will prove he is the father.”

Another insider added: “She means business. She’s in secret talks with a big network in the States, but in the meantime she’s been advised to take the softly softly approach.”