Mel C calls Spice Girl auditions rumour ‘bizarre’

Mel C says rumours the Spice Girls are going to hold auditions for a new member are ‘bizarre’.

There had been reports that the group would search for a singer to replace Victoria Beckham in an X Factor-style TV series, after the star decided she didn’t want to be part of any reunion.

But Mel told the Daily Mail of the rumour: “That one is just bizarre to me.

“Let’s be clear: yes we get together a lot and we fantasise about touring and doing stuff, but we haven’t put wheels in motion. With the Spice Girls, probably more than any other band in history, it was our individuality and the identities that made it the success it was.”

She added: “No Spice Girl will ever or could ever be replaced.”

There has been speculation about a possible Spice Girls reunion after Mel, Victoria, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Mel B performed at the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

But Mel did suggest a reunion may not be possible if fashion designer Victoria doesn’t want to do it, acknowledging that Posh’s ‘passions lie elsewhere’ these days.

She said: “To have come from a pop group to be respected in the fashion world – we have so much respect for her for doing that, and she’s worked b****y hard to get there. It’s not a secret that her passions lie elsewhere. So we can’t drag her kicking and screaming, telling her, ‘Come on! It’s time to sing Wannabe.'”

She went on: “We did really, really enjoy doing the Olympics and would love to do something else, but would we want to do it without Victoria? I don’t know.

“It’s something that would need to be thought about in depth.”