Melanie McCabe: ‘No more X Factor for me if I don’t get through’

X Factor comeback kid Melanie McCabe says she’s grown up since she last auditioned for the show, but reckons she has more to prove.

The 20-year-old student from Dublin has now auditioned for the ITV singing show four times, getting as far as Kelly Rowland’s Judge’s House in 2011.

After failing to make it past boot camp last year, Melanie returned this year to audition and is now through to the show’s gruelling bootcamp stage. Talking to, Melanie admits the pressure is on.

“I think I’m a lot more nervous because I have a lot more to prove this year,” she said. “I’m trying to live up to all the other years I’ve been on the show and given performances, so a lot more pressure is on me.”

But she believes she’s more than ready for the competition ahead.

“I think I’m just more mature this year, I think I’ve grown up a little bit,” she said. “All the other years I was still only learning. This past year a lot has happened and it’s made me grow up and deal with life a bit better.

“But,” she added, “if I don’t get through this year, there’s no more X Factor for me.”

The X Factor bootcamp auditions begin on Saturday September 28 at xpm on ITV1