Glamour girl Melinda Messenger and GMTV’s Michael Underwood will team up to host Bingo Night Live, a free-to-play bingo game show for ITV1.

Launching on ITV1 on Wednesday June 4, Bingo Night Live will be shown live after midnight every night from Tuesday to Saturday.

The one-hour show will mix free-to-play bingo with three main bingo games each night and Golden Jackpot prize money starting at £25,000 on launch night!

There will be additional cash prizes to win with extra games Magic Numbers and Minute To Win It, which run between the main bingo sessions.

Free to play, bingo lovers can register and obtain their nightly playing bingo cards for free by going onto from Monday June 2.

Michael calls out the numbers as they appear on the large Wall Of Numbers, and Melinda will present the Magic Number draws where players can win instant cash prizes and enter to play live interactive games.

And statistician Nichola Dixon will be on hand to reveal who’s playing – and who’s winning.

Melinda said of Bingo Night Live: “It’s the nation’s favourite game and accessible for all – its good clean fun, nice and easy to play and best of all it’s free!

“I really am pleased to be co-presenting a new game show based on an iconic UK game – I mean, everyone loves Bingo!”