Melinda Messenger’s unusual trial separation…

There’s confusion in Melinda Messenger’s household. According to an interview in Hello magazine, she’s separated from her husband, Wayne, although as far as he’s concerned he’s ‘a married man’.

Melinda and Wayne have taken the unusual step of appearing in a photoshoot together to talk in depth about their trial separation. She said the separation from her husband of nine years was her decision.

The mother-of-three is pictured in the magazine smiling with her husband and posing with their children.

Melinda said: “We need this time apart to be able to see clearly what we have in our relationship, and to see why we are together. It’s confusing and difficult but it’s necessary.”

The 37-year-old continued: “There is no one else on either side.”

The couple – who have three children, Morgan, eight, Flynn, six, and Evie, four – broke their silence because they claim ‘it’s the only way to set the record straight’.

Wayne, who met Melinda in a Swansea nightclub 20 years ago, told the magazine: “As far as I’m concerned I’m a married man. I couldn’t begin to think about being with anyone else.”

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