Stephen Merchant wants pint-sized singer Prince to appear in the final episode of the hit BBC Two show.

The Extras star told radio station Heart: “There’s almost certainly going to be a Christmas special. Ricky’s on tour at the moment so we haven’t even begun to sit down to write it and talk about it.

“I don’t know if we’ll go for him, but I’d love to get Prince. I’m such a Prince fan. I don’t know what he’s doing as we speak – is he lying in some sort of purple hammock just strumming on a guitar, being fed cherries? I have no concept. Does he unload the dishwasher? Does he have a pair of slippers? I don’t know anything about Prince.

“I would love that idea and me being 6ft 7 and Prince being, whatever he is, 4ft 1, would be comic enough.”

He added: “Ricky is very useful because he’s the only one who can persuade celebrities to take part. I’ve got no contacts whatsoever, I thought by now I’d have loads of celebrity pals.”

Stephen also revealed one unexpected consequence of his new-found fame – he has been approached to pose naked for Cosmopolitan.

“They said, ‘We’ve had a survey of our readers and you’re one of the top choices’ – yeah, right, like the readers of Cosmo have rushed out thinking, ‘We’ve gotta get the lanky guy out of Extras. He’s the man for me’,” he joked.

“I don’t want to ever look back at myself naked.”

Watch Stephen Merchant with Robert De Niro on the last series of Extras, below