The Bill will reach the end of an era in early March when actress Trudie Goodwin departs the show after 23 years.

She’s staying quiet about how her character June Ackland leaves the series, but Trudie has revealed a few of the highlights in store.

“I can’t tell you the outcome, but June has met this new man,” she says. “A very sensible, very nice headmaster, and she’s agreed to marry him. Both of them decide to take early retirement and enjoy what time they have left.”

Of course, nothing is ever that easy in Britain’s longest-running cops and robbers series. “She has it all set up that they’re going to retire to this cottage in the Cotswolds, and two days before she’s due to go, Jim suddenly turns up.” says Trudie.

It’s obvious ex-husband Jim Carver (Mark Wingett) still gets her a little hot under the collar, and fate plays an interesting part in their relationship. “They’re thrown together by chance. She goes and joins him on a case and they’re put in a very dangerous situation. She suddenly wonders if she’s doing the right thing. It’s down to the last minute who she’s going to go off with.”

You’ll have to wait and see the result of June’s decision when Trudie’s final episode airs on March 8.