MGM HD‘s weekend of zombies, monsters and vampires kicks off today with a fantastique line-up of schlocky horror, including the blaxploitation zombiefest Sugar Hill, starring Robert Quarry (aka Count Yorga) at 11.30am; The Vampire Lovers, starring Hammer vixens Ingrid Pitt and Kate O’Mara, at 1.05pm; and Joe Dante’s fishy 1970s spoof Piranha at 2.40pm. William Marshall, John Beal and Lauren Hutton then show their fangs in the wickedly scored 1970s cult Blacula (4.15pm); the bat-astic 1950s chiller The Vampire (5.55pm); and the 1980s comedy Once Bitten (7.20pm).

MGM HD then present two UK HD premieres. At 9pm comes The Beast Within from cult director Philippe Mora, about a teenager experiencing growing pains of a most shocking order. This rarely seen 1986 horror boasts one of the best music scores from exotica legend Les Baxter

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings about an avenging demon wreaking havoc on a remote country town. This one’s directed by Jeff Burr, best known for convincing the late veteran actor Vincent Price into appearing in his derisible 1980s horror anthology, The Offspring, so its probably going to be really really bad.

For the undead among you staying up past the witching hour, Alice Cooper camps it up in Monster Dog at 12.30am, while 1985’s Return of the Living Dead at 1.50am is guaranteed to get your funny bones shaking (for me its the best zombie film ever made and has a really cool punk rock soundtrack). The night’s viewing ends with a screening of Stuart Gordon’s 1980s scare-fest Dolls at 3.25am.

And there’s more to come tomorrow…