Ball and Boe: ‘They’ve exploited our banter to the max!’

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe on friendship, food, and having a fab time making their ITV music special

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe can’t contain their excitement about joining vocal forces for a much-anticipated ITV music special.

In Ball and Boe: One Night Only, the pair will perform some of their critically acclaimed hits, songs from their recently-released album Together, plus an exclusive medley of tunes from award-winning musical Les Miserables.

Here, stage legend Michael, 54, and the nation’s favourite tenor Alfie, 43, who have been mates for 10 years (they met on the musical Kismet at the London Coliseum) give us the lowdown…

So, guys, tell us more about the special?

Michael: It’s the only ITV music special this side of Christmas, which we’re chuffed to bits about. We’ve got special guests – who won’t just be singing – and they’ve exploited, to the max ,the good rivalry and banter between Alfie and I! We’ve got a 28-piece orchestra in the studio, which is unusual for a TV special, and we’ve nicked Dave Arch from Strictly to be the conductor. It’s going to be sort of Morecambe and… Costello. If you say Little and Large, Alfie, I actually will punch you!

[Alfie bursts out laughing.]

You two obviously get on like a house on fire.

Alfie: Nah, I’m done now!

Michael: I can’t stick him! Joking aside, we got on instantly when we first met.

What’s the best thing about working with each other?

Michael: Hmm, I don’t know whether to go sincere or funny. I’ll go sincere. I know someone has got my back. Alfie’s someone who when he has to take the job seriously does so, and when it’s time to have fun, we have fun. It makes it nice to go to work.

Alfie: [laughing] The catering! No, I echo everything Michael says. It’s just such a great brotherhood we have going on, it’s a real strong unit.

Dare we ask, any downsides to working with each other?!

Michael: [laughing] Yeah it’s really nice sharing a stage with Captain America here! Trying to hold notes as long, high, and hard as he does is not great.

Alfie: There hasn’t been any downsides.

Michael: There really hasn’t.

You two have a cracking chemistry. Would you consider a sitcom together?!

Alfie: Wow what an idea!

Michael: Well Ant and Dec can’t go on forever, so, yes why not?!

Your are currently in the middle of a six-week UK tour, which finishes on the 13th December in Manchester. Then it’s Christmas – if you had to buy each other a present, what would you choose?

Together: Singing lessons!

Ball and Boe: One Night Only airs on ITV on Friday 9th December at 9pm

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