Michael Buble: ‘Finding fame fast is hard!’

Michael Buble feels sorry for young artists would find fame too quickly on TV shows like The X Factor.

But the international singing star says he wouldn’t dismiss such programmes altogether – because they are a way of finding genuine talent.

The Canadian, who has his own ITV special Michael Buble: Coming Home For Christmas scheduled later this year, along with a new CD and illustrated memoir, has been a guest on the hit Saturday night talent show in the past, giving advice to X Factor contestants.

Michael himself went from being part of a humble family of fishermen to become a multi-millionaire singer who is currently number five on the Forbes list of the highest paid musical acts in the world.

The 10 years of hard work he did as a lounge bar singer before making it big helped him cope better with the fame when it finally came, he said.

“I feel badly for kids who get famous too young, for The X Factor contestants, because I’m not sure how they learn to handle it.

“I would think that shows like The X Factor were rubbish, except for the fact that they keep finding really great artists. Look at that Boyle woman. What a cool, underdog story.”

Having enjoyed massive adulation in his own career, Michael admits there have been times when he’s acted like a diva, but his family usually clamp down on him.

“I can still be the worst egotistical guy to deal with. My wife doesn’t let me get away with it. I think you get to feel you’re entitled. You don’t hear ‘No’ very much.”

Michael Buble’s illustrated memoir Onstage, Offstage is published by Bantam. His new CD Christmas is released on October 24.