The Hollywood actor Michael Douglas reveals how he’s coped with throat cancer and how he plans to savour life’s moments from now on.

Michael tells the TV Times about the moment he first found he had cancer: “When I got my biopsy result I wondered if I could keep it to myself, but when I knew what my programme would have to be – eight weeks of intense radiation combined with chemotherapy overlapping with the premiere – I realised I would have to tell the studio because chemotherapy makes you lose your energy and it gets more difficult to swallow.

“I’m having a crash course in just how nasty these cancer cells can be.”

Michael has dealt with a number of personal and public heartaches this year, including his son Cameron’s prison sentence for drug dealing, and insists he got Stage Four throat cancer due to stress.

“This particular type of cancer can be brought on by alcohol and tobacco abuse but I look at it as stress-related. I’ve had a pretty stressful year with stuff, some of which was public and some of which wasn’t.

“I’ve always worked hard and played hard and I’m sure I’ll be cleaning up my act in the future, but I’m still looking forward to a good glass of wine when I get my taste buds back.

“I’m going to really savour the moments and savour the time because it goes so fast.”

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