Lea Michele has gushed that boyfriend Cory Monteith is “a great dude”.
The Glee star, who is dating her Canadian co-star, was asked about the country’s stereotypes by Flare magazine, to which she replied: “Canadian stereotypes? I don’t know what they are, but Canada makes some great dudes, and he’s definitely one of them.”
The 26-year-old – who plays Rachel Berry on the hit show – is set to leave her preppy schoolgirl outfits behind as she heads to New York to join school mate Kurt (Chris Colfer).
“I think the days of knee-high socks are definitely done. Her clothes are closer now to what I would wear. It’s really nice to see her in a different light and it makes sense that she would move to NY and transition,” she said.
Rachel’s Big Apple make-over was done by style icon Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays the editor of a fashion magazine where Kurt is an intern.
“It was amazing, to have a makeover done by the Miss Carrie Bradshaw,” Lea added.