Michelle Collins: ‘Acting is an awful business’

Michelle Collins has said she wouldn’t want her teenage daughter to follow her footsteps by trying her hand at acting.

Former Coronation Street and EastEnders actress Michelle, 51, said that the business had changed drastically over the years and that today’s actors are under too much pressure to publicise themselves.

Michelle, mum to Maia, 17, said: “In this business, there’s so many people who are deeply unhappy with themselves. There’s a dishonesty and a darkness surrounding a lot of people. We’re not all happy.

“Sometimes this business is b****y awful and I wouldn’t want my daughter to go into it. I wouldn’t go into it now because it’s really changed.”

Michelle, who is next set to appear in Casualty, added: “Celebrity is a word that’s taken over everything. It’s difficult for actors to just be actors now. There are so many other things that come with it. Everyone is under so much pressure to publicise everything in their lives.”

The star, who has released her autobiography, said that she left Corrie after three years playing Rovers Return landlady Stella Price, “on a really high note”, adding: “One day maybe I will go back.”

She added: “I haven’t shaken off the soap actress label. I don’t think I’ll ever really shake it off. But at the end of the day, why is it someone’s guilty pleasure to watch Coronation Street or EastEnders?

“We’ve got to be doing something right. I’ve got to the age where I’ve got to stop apologising for who I am and what I do.

“It was hard when I was trying to shake off my [EastEnders] Cindy character and trying to be seen as a proper actress and not just a soap actress, which used to really get on my nerves. Now I just get over it.”

– Press Association