Micky Flanagan: Save our Saturday night TV!

Cockney comedian Micky Flanagan has blasted the state of Saturday night TV, demanding a return to good, old-fashioned family entertainment.
“Too often I put on Saturday night TV and it’s always someone trying to sing their way out of the ghetto – ‘If I don’t get this, Nanna won’t get her new knees’ – or it’s celebrities ceaselessly promoting themselves,” says Micky.
“I just want to do a show where people can put it on and you can sit down with the three generations – Nan, Mum and Dad and the kids – and everyone can have a laugh at different bits.”
Patriotic Micky hopes his new show, I Love My Country, hosted by Gabby Logan, will fill the gap, as he pits his wits against fellow funny man, Frank Skinner.
“You’ve only got to come back from most countries to see that their problems are more brutal than ours,” Micky tells TV Times. “Feels like we’ve been trying to put things right for a couple of hundred years.
“It’s up and down but we’re trying in this country to be democratic and fair and good.”