Midsomer Murders to return for six more episodes

Midsomer Murders is set to return with a new caseload of killings in Britain’s unluckiest county.

The popular ITV murder mystery series has been renewed for six more episodes, with filming already under way on series 18.

It stars Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby and Gwilym Lee as DS Charlie Nelson, who investigate deaths around the quiet countryside of Midsomer.

For the new feature-length episodes, due to screen in 2016, the police duo will be joined by Ordinary Lies star Manjinder Virk, who will play new pathologist Dr Kam Karimore.

Midsomer Murders

Gwilym Lee, Manjinder Virk and Neil Dudgeon star in Midsomer Murder (ITV)


New cases that the detectives will be tackling in the upcoming series will include bodysnatching, competitive cycling and the sighting of UFOs over Midsomer county.

From 1997 to 2011, the series’ lead character DCI Tom Barnaby was played by John Nettles, and Neil took over as the inspector’s younger cousin DCI John Barnaby when he left the programme.

ITV’s director of drama Steve November said: “Midsomer Murders is one of ITV’s most enduring and successful dramas. We’re delighted to be recommissioning a further six episodes and to be continuing our working partnership with Jo Wright (executive producer) and her team.”

Jo added: “We are back for even more episodes next year thanks to ITV, which gives us the chance to explore more strange and entertaining tales of Midsomer life – and with a new pathologist, who will cause DS Nelson trouble in more ways than one.”


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