Neighbours star Chris Milligan has revealed that Gemma Pranita got a bumper bag of sports kit when she left the show.
The Thai-born actress left the Australian soap in August to pursue other acting jobs, and her final scenes as Jade Mitchell were shown on UK screens this week.
The actor, who plays Kyle Canning, said: “Gemma got a big bag of sports gear when she left, because they were such ‘Jade’ things. The crew said because the items were so Jade, there was no other way they could put it through to a different character so they told her to take it.”
Chris, who shares a house with fellow cast member Jordan Smith, said the cast and crew gave Gemma presents and had a leaving do.
“The guys in the green room got her a bracelet or some piece of jewellery. Jordan and I got her an expensive bottle of wine and we all went out for teppanyaki one night. We had a really good send-off for her,” he said.
The actor, who has said that he fancies trying his luck in Hollywood, has already eyed up some items on the Neighbours set that he’d like to take with him when he leaves.
“I want to take a few things when I go. There are a few things up on our walls, like an awesome lamp thing and a horse’s head so I want to sneak them away,” he said.