Million Pound Drop couple net show’s biggest prize

A married couple have walked away with £200,000 after becoming the biggest winners ever on Channel 4 game show The Million Pound Drop.

Sophie and Rick Dickens were awarded the six figure sum after correctly answering eight questions on Friday night’s show.

At the start of the live TV show the couple were presented with £1 million in cash held in bundles of £25,000.

The game then requires contestants to gamble the money by splitting it on what they believe to be the correct answers to a series of questions. If the money is placed on a wrong answer, it falls down a chute and out of their clutches.

After answering the first three questions correctly and holding on to the £1 million cash prize, the couple opted to split the money on the fourth question – which was “which of these celebrity children is male?”

Unable to decide between Sage Stallone and Destry Spielberg, the couple put £500,000 on each of the answers – securing the half million.

They eventually nabbed the £200,000 on a tense final question about which od the title characters speaks first in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, putting all of their money on the correct answer which was Romeo.

When they discovered they had gambled correctly the couple screamed with delight and hugged each other.