Miranda Hart plans unusual festive fitness DVD

Miranda Hart has revealed she is set to release her own fitness DVD.

The comedian plans to bring out the ‘brilliant’ Marac-Attack in time for Christmas.

She told The Sun: “In season three of my sitcom, I came across this idea of a maraca class. So I thought, ‘Hang on, new Zumba – you know, maracas’. And then I really started thinking about it and it’s actually a brilliant exercise routine.”

Miranda, who also stars in BBC drama Call The Midwife, admitted the routine won’t be too strenuous.

“Your arms get your heart going so you don’t need to do too much. So there’s going to be lots of comedy sketches and my attitudes to gyms and exercise generally,” she joked.

The 40-year-old also revealed her athletic past. She completed a 100-metre race in 12 seconds, had a trial for the QPR ladies’ football team and played tennis and lacrosse.

“I have put on a bit of weight since then. Let’s just say I have got a bit out of shape,” she quipped.

“But yeah, I was a sprinter. I did 100 metres in 12 seconds with no training. So I could have probably done that. I like the fact I’ve slightly kind of wowed everyone with that fact,” she added.