Misery for Emmerdale favourite as they face being HOMELESS at Christmas

There's heartache heading for Emmerdale next week as Bob Hope finds himself facing Christmas out in the cold...

Emmerdale’s Bob Hope is set to find himself struggling in the run up to Christmas as his crippling money worries take a dramatic turn.

Fans will know that Bob has had a tough time of late and has been staying at the B&B since Laurel suddenly ended their relationship last month. But he’s been struggling to make ends meet as his financial woes continue.

Bob Hope

Bob is torn when his kids demand expensive Christmas presents

Bob’s money worries started when he stepped aside at the cafe for Brenda’s sake following his affair with Laurel. But with no steady money coming in, Bob has now found himself watching the pennies.

There was a moment when Bob thought things could be looking up when he believed a reunion with Brenda was on the cards. But his hopes were quickly dashed when she turned down his advances, leaving him back at square one again.

With Bob’s B&B bill remaining unpaid for weeks, could this be a hint that he might find himself out on the streets as the festive season continues?

Emmerdale, Bob Hope

It looks like a lonely Christmas for poor Bob

There’s more stress heading for Bob next week when his twins, Cathy and Heath demand expensive presents for Christmas. Will Bob be forced to let his kids down at Christmas, or will he get himself into further debt to give them what they want?

Seeing that he has almost hit rock bottom, kind-hearted Harriet offers Bob a job dressing up as a Christmas elf – and the Woolpack barman can’t accept quick enough, desperate for the extra cash.

But his good fortune doesn’t last long when he gets some bad news that brings him crashing back down to earth again.

It has been hinted in Christmas spoilers that Bob is going to have a prominent role in Emmerdale’s Christmas storylines this year… can things really get much worse for the troubled dad?

Or is there some good news on the horizon?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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