Miss Meadows | Film review – A prim and proper vigilante: Katie Homes’ Pulp Fiction Mary Poppins


Described by one character as a “Pulp Fiction Mary Poppins”, Katie Holmes’ eponymous heroine Miss Meadows is a vigilante of a kind cinema hasn’t seen before. A prim and proper elementary school teacher, she favours long white gloves, tap shoes, good manners and the cheery farewell ‘toodle-oo’. She also packs a .25 pistol in her purse, which she uses to shoot any evildoer who dares to cross her toe-tapping path. The film’s high-risk strategy of combining breezy tweeness with black comedy won’t work for everyone, but Holmes bravely pulls off her character’s bizarre mix of perky innocence, steely ruthlessness and deranged delusions.

Certificate 15. Runtime 84 mins. Director Karen Leigh Hopkins.

Miss Meadows is showing on Sky Movies Premiere at 6.15pm tonight. Released on DVD & Blu-ray by The Movie Partnership.


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