There were mixed opinions about ITV’s new show Tina and Bobby

ITV debuted its latest offering of Friday night television with Tina & Bobby, based on the lives of England footballer Bobby Moore and his wife Tina

Set in the swinging 60s, the style was utterly gorgeous, but all in all many weren’t sure on the show itself.

Tina and Bobby


As Bobby Moore was such a legend, people were pretty excited to see his life come to the small screen.

And it certainly was a feast for the eyes – the style of the swinging 60s was brilliant, and people couldn’t get enough of Michelle Keegan’s outfits as Bobby’s wife Tina.


Speaking of Michelle Keegan, the internet was going mad for how incredible she looked in the role – the 60s style certainly suited her down to the ground.


However, one major problem people had with the programme was how it jumped through time – one second the couple were just married, then in a blink of an eye Tina was heavily pregnant, then all of a sudden her hair changed from brunette to blonde with no explanation – it was all a bit much to keep up with.

This wasn’t the only problem people had with the show – Keegan may have looked fantastic, but many thought her East End accent was pretty dodgy.

So, all in all, people weren’t entirely convinced by ITV’s Friday night fare. If you were looking for a show about football, this one probably wouldn’t be for you. But at least Michelle Keegan looked terrific, and who doesn’t love an eyeful of the swinging 60s.


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