Viewers have a mixed response to the return of Ordinary Lies

Hit BBC1 drama Ordinary Lies returned on Tuesday and fans were mostly positive about the first episode

Ordinary Lies – a drama following colleagues and friends as their small lies spiralled out of control – was a big hit for BBC One last year with its first series…and it returned on Tuesday.

Writer Danny Brocklehurst placed the first series in and around a car sales yard in Manchester, but this time the action moves to the call centre and warehouse of a Welsh sports sales company with an entirely new cast.

This series will contain six episodes, each a self-contained hour-length drama featuring a different character from the workforce, and it premiered with Con O’Neill playing sales manager Joe who suspects his wife of cheating on him.

Here’s what the viewers thought… Most but not all on social media were impressed.

But for some, it didn’t quite match up to the first series.


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