The X Factor finalist Craig Colton has reportedly threatened to quit the show – only staying after being persuaded to do so by mentor Gary Barlow.

According to the Mirror the 23-year-old Liverpudlian singer packed his bags on Thursday and told the others he was leaving, saying “I can’t hack it anymore.”

However he changed his mind after being convinced to do so by Gary and show staff.

“Craig quit on Thursday. He said he was going home,” a source told the paper.

“He was really determined. He didn’t cry, he just wanted out. He didn’t want to be in the show any more. He was too drained and he was homesick.

The paper reports that there are also concerns for Janet Devlin, after she apparently snapped at stylists and stormed out of the dressing room, having to be talked into returning.

An insider said, “Janet isn’t happy about the songs she is being given, the clothes she has to wear and feels some people want to turn her into something she is not.

“She is adamant that she will not do what they say and she is fighting her corner,” the source added. “But if they push her again about clothes and songs she will not put up with it much longer.”

According to The Sun the teenager – who celebrated her 17th birthday this week – has been suffering from headaches brought on by stress after she was told to pay more attention to mentor Kelly Rowland.

“I had a weird headache,” she told the paper. “I couldn’t move without it hurting.

“It was stress-related. My confidence has been knocked – there’s no point lying about it.”

Saturday’s show will see one of the acts rejected in the first week – Amelia Lily, 2 Shoes, Jonjo Kerr or James Michael – voted back into the show to replace Frankie Cocozza.