Morse prequel Endeavour gets second series

Morse prequel Endeavour has been recommissioned for a second series.

The ITV drama made its debut in 2012 with a feature-length story starring Shaun Evans and Roger Allam to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Morse, and the full first series was screened earlier this year.

The second series of four two-hour Endeavour films will go into production in Oxford later this year.

Writer Russell Lewis said: “We’re truly delighted by the audience’s reaction to the first quartet of Endeavour stories, and very grateful to ITV for the opportunity to further embellish the legend.

“As to where we’ll be going next time out…? 1966. The year of Revolver. In the Bodleian. With Miss Scarlet. ‘They think it’s all over…?’ It’s only just started, matey!”

Shaun will return in the lead role of young Morse, with Roger as Detective Inspector Fred Thursday

ITV’s Director of Drama Commissioning Steve November said: “The audience’s response to the classic crime partnership of Endeavour and Thursday has been incredible and we’re thrilled at the prospect of more Endeavour stories written by Russell Lewis.”


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