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While most people assumed that heartthrob Rock Hudson was a ladies’ man, the gay community knew he wasn’t heterosexual well before he finally revealed the truth about his sexuality just before he died from AIDS in 1985.

Such awareness of gay stars has not been restricted to Hudson. The gay community knew about other non-heterosexuals long before they came out – Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, George Michael, Jodie Foster, Lindsay Lohan, to name just a few.

How so? Well it’s the gaydar isn’t it – the sixth sense that’s been developed by gay people to recognise other non-heterosexuals. It definitely exists and is based on subtle signals such as the use of certain words, ways of dressing, hair styles, mannerisms, eye contact, and I’m not talking about the cliché that is the gay man who raises his little finger while drinking a cup of tea. Nobody does that these days, unless in jest.

In Pillow Talk, Rock Hudson plays a heterosexual man posing as a gay man to unnerve Doris Day

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