Movie Talk spy Bathsheba spots Colin Farrell on the streets of London (Boulevard)

Colin Farrell filming London Boulevard in Stockwell

We’ve had word from Bathsheba, who runs the blog Stockwell News, that Colin Farrell was spotted last night on location for the film London Boulevard. This riff on Sunset Boulevard themes also stars Kiera Knightley (that’s her on the poster below), Ray Winstone, David Thewlis and Anna Friel. The crew were filming just outside Oval tube in south London (just around the corner from the famous cricket ground). Many of the commuters emerging from the station into the scrum of booms and Kliegs brushed shoulders with Farrell without realising it. Many of the others, who did clock what was happening, hung around to take a longer look.

From the Stockwell set of London Boulevard - Keira Knightley’s the actress on the poster

The action attracted not a little interest amongst the Ovalites themselves. As one local resident wrote to Bathsheba: “It’s possibly the most exciting thing to happen at Oval tube since Ralf the flower-seller tried to tackle the failed bomber in 2005. Or maybe that time Radio 4 did a documentary on the station’s “Thought for the Day” board…”

Colin Farrell filming London Boulevard in Stockwell

The film is the directorial debut of William Monahan, who won an Oscar penning The Departed for Martin Scorsese. The story is based on a novel by Ken Bruen about an ex-con (O’Farrell) just out from prison who becomes involved with a reclusive young actress (Knightley). We can’t wait to find out more – let us know if you make any fresh sightings of this or any other movie shoot.

Filming London Boulevard in Stockwell

Pictures: Bathsheba Everdene and MS

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