Movies for the Recession: The Devil Wears Prada

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Anne Hathaway

What would you do to get ahead?

In fact, what would you do to simply stay in employment?

Before answering that question you should think very carefully

I’ve chosen this film to act as a warning. With redundancies happening left, right and centre, it’s understandable for the survival instinct to kick in, but how far would you go to keep that job?

Anne Hathaway,Meryl Streep

This film offers a harsh warning about what can happen if you sell your soul to get ahead.

Anne Hathaway

Not only do friends fall away and lovers look elsewhere, but it’s also incredibly foolish to turn your back on your work colleagues to get another foot on that career ladder. One day that person you once trod on could be the person recruiting for that ideal position.

Meryl Streep