The Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has called upon the BBC to be more open about how much it pays its biggest stars.

Speaking on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show, Hunt said that the corporation should be clear about how it spends the public’s money.

It follows the BBC’s announcement earlier this month that they would reveal details of star wages, but in “pay bands” rather than disclosing actual salaries.

“The difficulty here is that the public is genuinely divided – some people say ‘why should we pay huge salaries for stars on the BBC when we can see them on ITV?’,” he said.

“Other people say ‘look, one of the reasons I pay my licence fee is I want to see people like Brucie doing Strictly Come Dancing‘.

“There is a genuine division there and I think the best way to resolve that is for the BBC to be open about the packages that it pays to celebrities.”

Hunt added that he also wanted to meet with BBC Director General Mark Thompson to discuss the salaries paid to the corporation’s top executives.

“We will be having discussions over the future of the next licence fee settlement next year in which I will be talking to Mark and the BBC management in a lot of detail,” he said.

“I do want the BBC to demonstrate that when it comes to their management pay they are on the same planet as everyone else.