Brendan O’Carroll teases the New Year’s Day episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys

Mrs Brown’s Boys creator Brendan O’Carroll on the New Year's Day episode

Mrs Brown’s Boys is back for a New Year’s Day episode following its hugely popular Christmas Day episode of Mrs B.

What’s on TV caught up with show creator Brendan O’Carroll to find out what Agnes Brown has up her sleeve for New Year.

Is the New Year’s Day edition, Mammy’s Memories, equally as action-packed as the Christmas episode?

BOC: “Well, Winnie’s house 
is burgled on New Year’s Eve – she’s devastated. Winnie doesn’t recognise the burglar, but does recognise something about him, so Buster [Brendan’s son, Danny O’Carroll] and Dermot [Paddy Houlihan] 
go hunting for him. The other main event is that Agnes’ daughter, Cathy [Brendan’s wife, 
Jennifer Gibney], 
has a milestone 50th birthday coming up, which she’s depressed about. Agnes tries to keep her happy with platitudes such 
as, ‘Age doesn’t matter, it’s just a number’ – but 
she gets told where to go!”

Didn’t you celebrate a milestone birthday this year? You’re now 
65 years young – we hope you’re not thinking of retiring!

BOC: “I did, in September, but, oh, no, retirement is not for me. I’ll be carried off stage!”

What positives have come out 
of 2020 for you?

BOC: “I think kids all over the world have been fantastic. We look at our grandkids and they’re just taking 
it all in their stride. This year 
has definitely made us all come together as a family. And, I tell you, if you have to be in lockdown with anyone, then Jenny, my wife, is 
the person to be with! She’s been amazing. I’m very, very lucky. Living near a golf course has been 
a godsend, too!”

Brendan O'Carroll in character as Mrs Brown

Surprise! Look who’s back for a Christmas knees up… the irrepressible Mrs Brown

What would Mammy Brown recommend to us to have a cracking Christmas?

BOC: “For the perfect Christmas, start with vodka on 23 December, then move on to whiskey, more whiskey, and when you wake up on the 28th, dispose of the bottles and say, ‘Was it a good Christmas?!’”

The Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day 2021 episode is on BBC1 at 10pm.

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