Mums can be so embarrassing! Just ask Susanna Reid…

A 13-year-old Susanna Reid was labelled “horrible” by her mother Sue Smith as she joined the Good Morning Britain sofa to help launch their new Health Star Awards.

Proving that mums are always there to embarrass us  – even if you’re a 45-year-old television star – Susanna squirmed in her seat as Piers Morgan gleefully asked about what she was like as a teenager.

“She was a joy, but when she turned 13, overnight she became absolutely horrible,” Sue said.

“How horrible?” asked Piers.

“Just horrible. Horrible enough,” Sue said.

“Can I just point out I have nominated you for an award!” replied Susanna.

Sue revealed that she and tearaway teen Susanna had a heart-to-heart and had been “friends ever since” to the joy of viewers, who loved their relationship.



The Health Stars awards aims to find members of the community who’ve made a difference to others’ lives and the team have been nominating their health heroes this week – with Susanna picking her mum.

Sue was a health visitor for 50 years and Susanna revealed she still calls her mum for help whenever one of her three sons is ill.

But while Sue was there to discuss her career in healthcare, she somewhat distracted the viewers who couldn’t believe that she was 75 years old.





Of course, Piers couldn’t help teasing Susanna.

“You look younger than Susanna!” he told Sue.

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