When a show ends it’s traditional for the cast to help themselves to a little memento. But Faye Marsay reveals she was very restrained on the My Mad Fat Diary set, despite some tempting trainers.

The Doctor Who and Fresh Meat star, who plays troubled Katie Springer in MMFD, said: “I’ve just come into the series so I felt I couldn’t really start stealing from their show! I really wanted the trainers I have in one of the episodes. But I didn’t, I was good. I walked away without stealing anything!”

The series comes to a conclusion on E4 this Monday and her co-star Dan Cohen (he’s keeping a few of Archie’s Harringtons!) reveals:

“[In] the last gang scenes there were a few emotional moments. But at the same time, better to give the show the ending it deserves than to keep going until you lose steam and it becomes about something else… It’s a good ending – linked to the very beginning.”

For the full interview, watch the video above.

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