Myleene Klass: My marriage was an ‘expensive lesson’

Myleene Klass has admitted that she regrets not having a prenup and has vowed never to marry again.

The presenter and former Hear’Say singer said during an appearance on Loose Women that her short-lived marriage to Graham Quinn had been an ‘expensive lesson’.

According to the Daily Mirror, asked if she would marry again, she replied: “Never.”

Myleene, 35, added: “I don’t regret much in life, but if I had one regret, it would be not getting a prenup… When my priest, who was also a friend, said to me did I want a prenup I said, ‘Absolutely not. This is for love. This is forever’.”

She had been with Graham, who provides security for JLS and Little Mix, for 11 years when she married him in 2011, but he told her the marriage was over just six months later.

Myleene said the priest had called her after the split to apologise for not changing her mind over the prenup.

Loose Women presenter Kaye Adams told the audience she had been with the same partner for 20 years, but never married and Myleene commented: “I tried it my way, maybe I should try it another way.”