10 Years Younger‘s new presenter Myleene Klaas may be the envy of many women for her natural good looks, but she’s hung up about one part of her body – her nose!

“I’ve got the silliest nose ever,” says Myleene, 31. “An aquiline nose, I think it’s known as – a bit bent. On my mum’s Filipino side of the family they call this shape a ‘Western nose’.”

In Myleene’s case, though, it seems her imperfect schnozz was the result of an accident. She broke it when she was four-years-old.

“I was jumping up and down on the sofa to Blue Peter and I suddenly bounced off and landed on the table,” she recalls. “My nose snapped and my mum had to put it back in place – she used to be a nurse. If it happened to my little girl Ava, I wouldn’t be able to do it. If I tried I’d just make it worse!”

10 Years Younger screens on Channel 4 each Thursday.

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