Nicky Hambleton-Jones has said that the next series of 10 Years Younger will be lacking, as new host Myleene Klass is ‘not an expert in fashion or beauty’.

Nicky, 37, is quitting as presenter of the popular Channel 4 makeover show after five series, and will be replaced by 30-year-old ex-Hear’Say singer Myleene, who will front a revamped version, entitled 10 Years Younger: The Challenge.

And Nicky believes the show will be very different with Myleene at the helm.

“It’ll be a very different show with her presenting. The only downside is that she’s not an expert in anything fashion or beauty related,” she said.

“I’m a styling and anti-ageing expert and I think people expected that. Myleene doesn’t add that element to the show, she’s more of a ‘presenter’.”

Nicky admitted she’s looking forward to shedding her ‘cold, cruel’ image now she’s leaving 10 Years Younger.

She said: “It will be refreshing to do interviews and not talk about 10 Years Younger any more! I’ve always been associated as having a cold, cruel side on the show, and that’s not who I am at all.”

She added: “I have new TV projects in the pipeline that will hopefully show that.”

Nicky insisted it was her decision to quit, saying: “They’re changing the show’s format and the next series will be quite different which I wasn’t overly excited about. It’s such a pure brand.

“But it wasn’t only the changes, I felt it was time for me to move on.”