Nadia Sawalha: I’d love to return to acting

Former EastEnders star Nadia Sawalha has admitted she would love to return to her acting career in the future, after forging a career as a TV presenter.

Nadia, who played Annie Palmer in Albert Square from 1997-1999, went on to a co-hosting role on Loose Women, and since then has worked mainly in presenting – including new show Kitchen SOS on the channel Home, which begins on Monday – but said she never made a “conscious decision” to swap acting for hosting.

“I came out of EastEnders and I immediately went for this audition for Loose Women, and so I was in this rather lucky position where very quickly people stopped thinking of me as a character in EastEnders and thought of me as Nadia,” she said.

“I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop acting, but after I did that first series of Loose Women, I just got offered one job after another as a presenter.

“As I get a bit older, I do think that a few years down the line I’d love to do a bit more acting, but it certainly wasn’t ever the case that I was thinking, ‘Oh, I’m having to present when I want to act’. It all happened by accident.”

Nadia also admitted that she has been on some shows which she could not bring herself to watch.

“I did a show a couple of years ago called Accidents Can Happen, and oh, it was miserable!” she confessed. “It was like, ‘You’ve got to be careful, if you do this, your house could burn down’. I depressed myself just being on it, let alone watching it.”

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