Name That Chest: Do you think she’s pretty?

It’s from the States and it favours the ‘straights.’ As powerfully demonstrated in a glorious Glee episode this week, the American high school prom is a rite of passage that brings more pain than pleasure to the average teen.

For all the joy it brings the Cinderella-wannabees and the peacockesque prom kings, the high school prom brings an even greater measure of heartache, discomfort, and horror to those kids that are unpopular, hard-up, oversized, non-heterosexual, or just unwanted.

Let’s face it, anyone who’s not eager to parade their popularity, their pristine figure, or the bulging pockets of their parents’ purse is going to have a rough time at this major high school dance event.

And the owner of this week’s chest has one of these prom obstacles to overcome. Can you name the star and the film?

How did you fare last week? Did you identify the strangely-attired star?

No? Well, he’s a hugely popular actor and he’s revealed here in full.

By the way, Prom – the new Disney movie – is out in UK cinemas next week.

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