Name That Chest: She’s about to start filming with Queen Latifah and it’s her birthday today

This sounds rather risque, I know, but believe me, it’s not as dodgy as it first appears.

From today, I’ll be presenting you with a mystery movie chest every Wednesday and you need to guess who it belongs to, and also which film it comes from.

Yes, of course there’ll be some cleavage, but the focus will be more on costume, and it’ll feature men as well as women, so stop those dirty thoughts now!

Anyway, my first mystery chest is pretty easy – I think.

She starred in her first film in 1980. She’s just about to begin filming a movie with Queen Latifah. It’s her 65th birthday today. And, well, her famous front is the inspiration for this strand.

Remember to come back next Wednesday to find out who this person is, and, of course, to ogle another great celluloid chest.