National Lottery show accused of ‘rule-breaking’

The BBC’s new Saturday night lottery show Break The Safe has come under fire from two contestants who have accused the programme of rule breaking.

Helen Griffiths and Rina Evans – who were contestants on the show this weekend – claimed that they were called back to the studio to re-record the ending after being told the rules of the game had changed.

The pair also said they were asked to wear the same clothes and jewellery they had worn during filming, and had their make-up done and hair styled in exactly the same way so that new footage could be edited into their show.

“Make-up artists and hair stylists had photographs of us that had been taken on the set so they could get us looking exactly the same,” Rina said.

“It was then we realised they were ­planning to re-film just our final round and splice that together with old footage of our first three rounds. We complained it didn’t seem fair but no-one listened.

The show, which is hosted by Nick Knowles, sees contestants competing to win money by pressing a button to open a safe after 30 seconds.

If both press their buttons at the same time they pocket all the cash, if one pushes the button they win half, but if neither push buttons at the right time then both go home empty-handed.

However the pair claimed that the rules had been changed, with contestants only winning previously if they both pushed their button at the same time – which had been changed after nobody won any money.

“Had the new rules been the old rules, we would have won £22,000,” Rina complained.

Helen added: “We lost out personally but the worst thing is that the public is being fooled.”

A BBC spokesperson denied viewers had been misled, saying: “This is absolutely not a deception of viewers or contestants. It was clear that the initial rule was unfair.

“We agreed a rule change was necessary, and that finalists could, if they wished, replay the final game under the new rule. This was carried out fully in line with the BBC’s editorial guidelines.”