Netflix will soon be the exclusive home to Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm

Walt Disney Studios is home to four of Hollywood’s biggest film studios, Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, and from September Netflix will be the only streaming site where films made by those studios can be seen.

That means Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory – among many others released this year and beyond – will be Netflix exclusives. It’s a major coup.

Rumours of a deal between the two first emerged in 2012, but now it’s been confirmed in a blog post by Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos.


Other major films that could potentially become Netflix exclusives as part of the deal include The Jungle Book, The BFG, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Doctor Strange and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Variety claims that even The Force Awakens will be a Netflix streaming exclusive, despite being released at the end of 2015.

Netflix say they’ll announce specifics closer to the date.


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