New TV comedy duo Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver have revealed they were delighted when John Barrowman suggested that they needed to extend scenes in their sketch show in which he kisses them both.

The pair’s sketch show Watson and Oliver, which begins on BBC2 this week, features a number of cameo appearances from celebrities, with the Torchwood actor appearing in the first show.

“We had to have a conference call with him while we were filming on location and I was worried Lorna was going to have a meltdown,” Ingrid revealed. “And then when he suggested our screen kisses should be longer, well…”

The 34-year-old – who met her screen comedy partner at secondary school – added that they had to learn not to be starstruck while filming took place.

“We have Emma Thompson’s sister Sophie on the show, and when she arrived I gave her a massive hug as if I knew her,” she said. “I didn’t know her, I’d just seen her on television a lot and in Four Weddings And A Funeral. She was a bit taken aback. We have to rein ourselves in.

“And I met Stephen Fry the other day at a party for about 10 minutes. I probably bored him, it was really embarrassing and I wish I hadn’t spoken to him.”