New Corrie boss: ‘I am excited to bring Peter Barlow back’

Corrie series producer Kate Oates has announced the show is bringing back Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow and teased many other storylines

Corrie bosses have revealed some explosive storylines coming up in the autumn including a shock return for one character, while a love triangle is set to grip viewers tuning into the soap.

Peter Barlow is to make his return to the famous cobbles, sending ‘ripples through the street’ following his departure from Coronation Street in 2014.

Peter Barlow ended up behind bars
Peter Barlow ended up behind bars (ITV)


And ITV bosses have said that something will happen when he arrives back on the soap which is ‘completely unexpected’ – meaning he has to stay.

Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter, will be joined by nephew Adam and half-brother Daniel, it was revealed.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, producer Kate Oates said she was excited to bring Peter back and urged viewers to ‘watch this space’.

Kate Oates attending the British Soap Awards 2016 at the Hackney Empire
Kate Oates (Matt Crossick/PA)


She said: “I think that strong family dynasty on those cobbles – the first family of soap, as it were – here, big, strong, sending ripples through the street is going to be really exciting and I am really looking forward to seeing that unfold.”

She teased: “He may have someone in his sights. When he returns he may not be completely honest.”

The former Emmerdale chief said that when she came to the show she was striving for a greater breadth of storylines with the ‘great ensemble cast’ whose talent she said she wanted to make use of.

She added that Chris Gascoyne had a love for the show and that she had ‘always’ wanted to work with him.

Pete Barlow visiting his newborn child in 2003
Pete Barlow visiting his newborn child in 2003 (Granada TV)


“One of the things I am most excited about and something which I consider a real privilege is that I am lucky enough now to work on the longest-running soap and one of the longest-running families on that soap is the Barlows – and why would you not want to strengthen that family?”

She added: “It felt like a really organic thing. Peter is always one you want to work with, he has such an amazing presence and great energy on screen.

“I love the idea of Ken as the head of the family, which has Tracy, Simon, Amy. I am excited to bring Peter back to the show. I am delighted to meet Daniel Osborne, who is his child with Denise, and I am excited to bring back Adam, who is Mike Baldwin’s son and Ken’s grandson.”

William Roache plays Ken Barlow on Coronation Street
William Roache plays Ken Barlow on Coronation Street (ITV)


True to tradition, a big stunt is set to unfold in the autumn which could involve the Platt family.

And Oates has promised ‘big drama’ surrounding David’s current storyline in the wake of wife Kylie’s death which is set to play out in the autumn.

Oates said the two actors – Jack P Shepherd and Paula Lane – had played it ‘completely brilliantly’ and that she had been ‘blown away’ – especially considering how heavily pregnant Lane had been in real life.

Corrie's Jack P Shepherd as David Platt and Paula Lane as Kylie Platt (ITV)
Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd as David Platt and Paula Lane as Kylie Platt (ITV)


She said: “In the chapel of rest scenes, we have basically seen David promise to avenge Kylie’s death. However he also promised Kylie when she was dying that he would be a brilliant parent and he would look after the children and protect them.

“Those two promises are in direct conflict with each other. I’m looking forward to seeing how that affects the Platt family,” she continued.

But she added that viewers would be left asking which promise would envelop the other as David plans to get his own back ‘at all costs’.



Oates added: “We have got some really good drama coming up. I think we are going to see some amazing performances from all the cast involved.”

No soap is complete without a good love triangle and Aidan, following a few too many glasses of wine, finds himself in bed with Maria, who is currently dating tolerant Luke who took on her young son.

But although Aidan, played by Shayne Ward, and who is in a relationship with Eva (Cath Tyldesley), regrets it straight away, Maria is keen to break it off with Luke – terrifying Aidan.

Coronation Street's Shayne Ward (ITV)
Coronation Street’s Shayne Ward (ITV)


Oates said: “He is worried she might come after him and he hears little rumours about when she was contacting Fizz and Tyrone.”

Speaking about the planned six episodes per week, Oates said she was looking at introducing new characters and building new studio space.

She dismissed accusations saying that staff were unhappy, adding that they were ‘excited’.

She added: “I’m just excited about the storylines we have got, we know where we are going with the characters, we know by the time that hits we have loads of stuff brewing and the cast feel really galvanised by that.

“Corrie is famous for having the humour and storylines which aren’t necessary about huge character development or about huge story arcs but about life and what is funny. It’s a balance act, but it also feels quite natural.”